The people behind the magic

Ledworks is an Italian startup whose mission is to bring software innovation to the world of consumer and professional lights. Ledworks is the creator of Twinkly, a consumer smart lights string, controlled via smartphone, available since 2016: “internet of things” meets extraordinary light effects!

Andrea Tellatin

Co-founder, CEO

Marco Franciosa

Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Stefano Grasselli


Giorgio Gatto


Roberta Franchin

Business Development Manager

Alessio Mancarella

Head of Marketing

Mauro Tomasi

Head of Hardware


Sparkling Journeys: Embracing Life at Twinkly

Life at Twinkly is a vibrant tapestry of creativity and innovation. The office buzzes with energy as passionate minds collaborate to bring mesmerizing light displays to life. Colleagues form a tight-knit community, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment. From brainstorming sessions to friendly competitions, every day at Twinkly is a kaleidoscope of ideas and boundless imagination.