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We foster a culture that encourages autonomy and accountability, empowering individuals to take ownership.

Our team is driven by an unwavering passion to create products that are cherished and embraced by a global audience. We thrive on thinking outside the box and breaking free from conventional rules and practices that hinder innovation. Each project we undertake is a personal journey, empowering our team to unleash their ideas and contribute to the success of our company.

Our manifesto

We genuinely believe in the boundless potential of ambitious and motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about achieving and flourishing.

Our team

We are a small but impactful team spanning across Europe and North America. We are a diverse group of no-nonsense people who get things done.

Life at Twinkly

At Twinkly, everyday is Christmas. As we continue to flourish, we cultivate our very own spirit and mold Twinkly around our unique vision and values.

Our offices

We take pride in our offices. We also offer flexible work arrangements, including the option to work from home, so everyone can perform at their absolute best.

Come join Twinkly and be a part of creating revolutionary lighting that changes the world.

Together, let's craft an extraordinary and vibrant experience.


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Computer Vision Engineer

Ledworks is looking for a highly qualified and enthusiastic Computer Vision Engineer to join our development team at our headquarters in Mestrino (Padua). If


Senior iOS Developer

The role sought Twinkly is experiencing a period of rapid growth and to achieve our ambitious goals we are looking for a resource join